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The main office of SMMAVE – Contemporary Art Centre is at Santa Maria della Misericordia ai Vergini church, also known as the Misericordiella. We started to restore, re-open and promote this sixteenth and seventeenth century cult building with the intention of making it a centre devoted to visual arts and historical, artistic fields. We also encourage cross-cultural links to music, theatre and science. Our laboratory is open to local inhabitants, other associations working in the area and

Santa Maria della Misericordia church

The main façade of Santa Maria della Misericordia church has an architectonic motif of two orders with a triangular tympanum above. Inside the church there is a nave, shallow side chapels and at the end the presbytery. The Archconfraternity of Santa Maria della Misericordia is to the left of the church portal, made of piperno rock. You can note the marble bass-relief of cherubs carrying a medallion with the Virgin and Child. At ground level, there is a courtyard and an arcade running along three

The complexThe complexThe complexThe complex

The complex

Photo by Luigi Spina The church is a part of a wider complex including the former hospital and the Santa Maria della Misericordia oratory, run by the same arch-confraternity owner. The complex stands at the entrance to the area of Borgo dei Vergini, on the south side of the neighbourhood, next to the crossroads of Via Foria and Via Duomo and opposite Porta San Gennaro. The front of the church looks out over Via Fuori Porta San Gennaro at the point where it crosses Via Vergini. On the

Restoration and research

Misericordiella church, its local premises and its hypogeum had been closed to visitors for years, resulting in a run down and dilapidated complex. We continue to clean, restore and promote the building so that it will again be used as a place for research, learning and artistic production; a place that is open for local citizens and associations. 2015/2016 projects: Removal of waste and debris from the upper church, nearby rooms and entry staircase to the hypogeum to enable easy

Tours and educational activities

Santa Maria della Misericordia church is open to visitors for educational visits given by art historians as well as promotional events for the Borgo Vergini, in collaboration with other local associations, schools and universities. For further information or enquiries email: Mobile telephone: (00 39) 366 3270911

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SMMAVE – Centro per l’Arte Contemporanea è un’associazione culturale con sede a Napoli, nella chiesa di Santa Maria della Misericordia ai Vergini, detta Misericordiella. Stiamo portando avanti la pulizia, il recupero e la valorizzazione di questo bene per farne un luogo di ricerca, didattica e produzione artistica. Collaborano con noi storici dell’arte, architetti, artisti, fotografi, restauratori, esperti di cinema e di teatro. Il presidente di SMMAVE è Christian Leperino, artista.

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Complesso della Misericordiella - via Fuori Porta San Gennaro 15 – 80137 Napoli

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