Restoration and research

Misericordiella church, its local premises and its hypogeum had been closed to visitors for years, resulting in a run down and dilapidated complex.

We continue to clean, restore and promote the building so that it will again be used as a place for research, learning and artistic production; a place that is open for local citizens and associations.

2015/2016 projects:

  • Removal of waste and debris from the upper church, nearby rooms and entry staircase to the hypogeum to enable easy access.
  • Plumbing and sanitation renovations, removal of the obselete lighting system, installation of new lights and electrical system, replacing damaged and dangerous panes of glass, putting up safety signs.
  • Marble and stucco works restoration project by Ciardiello Marmi s.r.l.
  • Cataloguing of church’s furniture, including nearby rooms, historical and artistic study of the complex, bibliography and sources.
  • Collaboration with the Architectural Restoration Laboratory, undergraduate course on Civil Engineering at the Faculty of Architecture, Federico II University, Prof. A. Aveta, curated by Gabriella Caterina Guida and Mariacarla Fraiese.
  • Start of professional photographic campaign by Luigi Spina.
  • First opening of church to visitors during neighbourhood promotion events, in collaboration with Vergini-Sanità and Celanapoli associations.
  • 3D scan of statue by Domenico De Liguoro with the aim of a virtual followed by a possible material reconstruction of missing fingers, a photographic database and a 3D scan of the high altar and side altars of the upper church, a photographic database and a 3D scan of the hypogeum altar by Ciardiello Marmi s.r.l.
  • A 3D model of the upper and lower church by MAV Museo Archeologico Virtuale Ercolano.

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SMMAVE – Centro per l’Arte Contemporanea è un’associazione culturale con sede a Napoli, nella chiesa di Santa Maria della Misericordia ai Vergini, detta Misericordiella. Stiamo portando avanti la pulizia, il recupero e la valorizzazione di questo bene per farne un luogo di ricerca, didattica e produzione artistica. Collaborano con noi storici dell’arte, architetti, artisti, fotografi, restauratori, esperti di cinema e di teatro. Il presidente di SMMAVE è Christian Leperino, artista.

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