Si Sta Come D’autunno | Valentina PalazzariSi Sta Come D’autunno | Valentina PalazzariSi Sta Come D’autunno | Valentina PalazzariSi Sta Come D’autunno | Valentina PalazzariSi Sta Come D’autunno | Valentina PalazzariSi Sta Come D’autunno | Valentina PalazzariSi Sta Come D’autunno | Valentina Palazzari

Si Sta Come D’autunno | Valentina Palazzari


Si Sta Come D’autunno

curated by Davide Sarchioni


23 NOVEMBER 2018 – 7 JANUARY 2019







Contemporary Art Centre


Si Sta Come D’autunno, the new project that Valentina Palazzarihas devoted to the Santa Maria della Misericordia ai Vergini church and the underground spaces beneath it, aiming to reveal a host of fresh new meanings. The exhibition, curated by Davide Sarchioni, opens on Friday 23 Novemberat 6:30 pm. The date coincides with the tragic anniversary of the 1980 earthquake in Irpinia.

The exhibition is presented under the Matronage of the Donnaregina Foundation for Contemporary Art in cooperation with La Di-Art and TerraMedia®.

At the end of the exhibition, a book will be published to document the projects that Valentina Palazzari has created at the Royal Palace of Caserta and SMMAVE in Naples, with Italian and English text by Bruno Corà and Davide Sarchioni complete with extensive photographs.

The exhibition is split into two distinct but complementary installations which are inherently linked.

The first, conceived for the church interior, is formed by a large carpet of deciduous leaves gathered along the city streets set in motion by a series of industrial fans positioned to keep the them in constant movement. The artist invites the viewer to reflect on the transformations and changes taking place both within us and outside of us, catching sight of a poetic suspension of concurrent images, emotions, and moods in the randomness of the movements.

The second is a sound installation that will reverberate throughout the underground spaces used as a “holy land”, evoking cosmic, primordial sounds that herald the beginning of a new life.

The title Si Sta Come D’autunno is taken from the famous poem by Giuseppe Ungaretti, “Soldati” (Soldiers). Written in 1918 while the author was fighting in the trenches at Bois de Courton, it expresses the drama and uncertainty of that historic moment and of the human condition.

Valentina Palazzari reinterprets the sensation of precariousness suggested by the highly poetic image of the leaves at the mercy of the wind as a metaphor for the fragility that finds correspondence in the contemporary situation it evokes.

Skating along the extreme and precarious edge between life and death, the work of Valentina Palazzari sees out this dichotomy in terms of absolute ambivalence: in the nave of the church, a place delegated to celebrating life in communion with the divine, the artist seems intent on alerting the viewer to human transience; in the underground spaces, devoted to worshipping the dead, she introduces a countermelody of sound that echoes the origin of life as a reference to the possibility of rebirth.

The exhibition seeks to create an overall image that relies on the highly evocative force, loaded with emotional reverberations, of sound and movement; yet it is left to the simplicity of a tenuous gesture, one however capable of conquering the vastness of the physical and architectural space of the church known as “Misericordiella”. It sparks dialogues between the church and its underground spaces, with the history of the place and its roles, and, in a metaphorical sense, between surface and depth, life and death, raising a number of questions and urging the viewer to reflect.

Making a variety of statements, the work of Valentina Palazzari (born in Terni in 1975) started from an investigation into the physical properties and aesthetic qualities of different materials (primarily welded wire mesh and plastic fencing for building sites) in the natural processes of oxidization, decomposition, and transformation caused by external agents and the passing of time, creating large in which she retraces primary shapes and marks that take their place at the start of a new language for exploring concepts of memory, space, and time.


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